Security for Expenses Ltd provides a simple, fully regulated service for holding security under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, under licences for access or alterations, for interim payments or holding retention under the various forms of building contract, performance bonds, court orders and rent deposits.

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All interest earned on clients’ funds is paid to UNICEF.
Thanks to all our clients, despite the current barely discernible interest rates, we have been able to give £70,771 since we launched our service in 2017.

In 2019 alone you helped provide 32 million people with access to safe water, treat over two million children for severe malnutrition and give almost four million children access to an education.

Thank you.

How Security for Expenses Works

We receive money from one person and pay it to another which makes us a “Money Service Business” and a “Payment Service Provider”. As such we are regulated by the FCA and supervised by HMRC which enables us to provide a payment service tailored to the client’s specific requirements. We hold the money in a safeguarded client account and pay it out as and when we are directed to specified predetermined third parties. There is no need for the parties, surveyors or Contract Administrators to open special accounts, they simply register their details with us and we give each project a unique reference code.

Register project details

Register project details

Receive security by transfer from a UK bank account

Receive Security Sum from a UK bank account

Carry out due diligence checks if required

Carry out due diligence checks as required

Release security as directed

Release security when directed

Supporting UNICEF

Did you know that any interest accrued on money we hold gets donated to UNICEF? To date we have donated over £70k.

This is their response plan for Covid-19.