Schedule of Fees

Security Sum Held Fee (including VAT)
up to £15,000 £480.00
£15,001 - £100,000 £780.00
£101,000 - £500,000 £1,200.00
over £500,000 by negotiation

Where the Building Owner or the Person Giving Security is not based in the United Kingdom the next fee band will apply.

The full fee must be paid in order to set up a security Transaction.

The Setting Up fee includes release of security in full in a single payment to the PGS.

Where several sums are under the jurisdiction of the same Tribunal of Surveyors under the PWA, the fee may be determined by the total sum held.

If the Security Sum is “topped up” to the next fee band the difference between the fee bands will be applied.

Additional fees:

Administration fee for incorrect information submitted £60.00
CDD fee per Third Party payee £240.00 (not applicable to the Contractor under a building contract)
Fee per interim payment £60.00
Additional "top-up" deposit under same Transaction £60.00
Final payment under Building Contract £180.00
VAT rate 20%