Registration for Surveyors, Architects, Engineers and other professionals involved in projects requiring security to be held.

Registering with Security for Expenses

Surveyors, Architects, Engineers and other professionals are requested to register their details online here. This only needs to be done once and you will receive an email confirming your registration. Please enter your details carefully as this is how they will appear on documents issued by us (so please do not use capitals unless you mean it). It will help us if you remember to advise us of any changes but we will email you once a year to check that your information is still current. When we have processed your details we will send an email with your personal SfE ID reference which will make it easier for you and your clients to use our Service.

The information submitted will be held by us in accordance with the data protection requirements of the Information Commissioner’s Office and will not be passed to any third party except when required to comply with the Money Laundering Regulations or other due diligence procedures as set out in our Terms and Conditions.

Registration by Owners and Parties

Owners under the PWA and Parties to licences and building contracts should not register their details here. Their details should be entered on the appropriate online application form.

Owners who have agreed on the provision of security for expenses under the Party Wall Act without appointing surveyors can do so using the online application form here.