Application for a security account

We have separate online forms for the three types of Transaction for which we offer a payment service.

Online Application Forms

Our online application forms can be completed by any Customer, that is any person involved in any of the Transactions covered. We suggest that the person best placed to complete the form is the lead consultant or professional who will normally have most of the required information.

You will need to enter all the required information before you will be able to submit an application. To avoid confusion and irrelevant data we have tailored our online forms to the three specific sets of circumstances for which our Service is offered.

We are usually able to set up the holding facility within three working days of receiving all the required information.

It will help us to provide a quicker response and avoid errors if the surveyors and other professionals involved in a Transaction register their basic contact details with us. Individuals already registered will have been sent an SfE identification number and you will save time completing the forms if you have their ID number.

A table of definitions of terms used here and elsewhere on our website can be found in our Terms & Conditions.